About Lamarr Wilson

I’m Lamarr Wilson, a Los Angeles-based Social Media Personality with over 3 million followers. 

My journey began in 2000, working with the Chicago Public Schools as a Tech Coordinator. I taught staff and administrators how to integrate technology into the classroom and educated students about technology tools. In 2006, I started a tech consulting business to expand these services to multiple schools within Chicago. I worked with over 50 schools, helping them integrate technology into their curriculum and manage their websites.

In 2008, I launched my YouTube channel with fun tech vlogs and unboxing videos. Since 2021, I’ve exclusively focused on the short-form vertical video format, posting content on up to six different social platforms. My interests are tech, gaming, fun uboxings, and other variety content.

Throughout the years, I’ve partnered with major companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Meta, Amazon, Walmart, IHOP, and many more to help them tell fun and authentic stories.

Find me as @LamarrWilson on all socials. ⬇️